Tuesday, June 10, 2014

8 Meaningful Father's Day Cards / Quotes

I think that making something by children that is memorable is better than just buying a gift to Daddy.

Last year, my son and I drew a Father's Day card. This year, we plan to draw something onto a wood door hanger.

On it, we plan to write something like 'I love Daddy!' on one side, and 'Shhh... Daddy is sleeping' on the other side.

We have not started to draw cos my son is still having examinations at school. It will be ended soon. After that, we will start to make it. Guess Daddy must like this!

How about you? Have you made the card for your Daddy?? If no, this blog post must give you inspirations.

Last year when I drew the card, I did not know what to write on it. This year, I discover Pinterest and found quite a lot of meaningful quotes or words to be put on Father's Day card.

They are as below. Hope you can find one suitable for your Father's Day card.

Among all, I like the one below most. It is so lovely and so meaningful!

source: http://www.sassydealz.com/2014/05/creative-fathers-day-cards-kids-make.html

source: http://www.sassydealz.com/2014/05/youre-vest-fathers-day-card-idea.html

source: http://www.shanty-2-chic.com/2013/06/fathers-day-gift-free-printable.html

source: http://blovelyevents.com/2013/06/10/i-love-you-dad-free-printable-cards/

source: http://www.sassydealz.com/2014/05/creative-fathers-day-cards-kids-make.html

unknown source

source: http://www.daycareanswers.com/preschool-fathers-day-crafts.html

source: http://www.fynesdesigns.com/fathers-day-gift-or-fathers-day-card/?crlt.pid=camp.sfckF4ObGtyH

For more Father's Day craft ideas, please go to: http://www.pinterest.com/shinekidscrafts/kids-crafts-fathers-day/

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