Tuesday, March 22, 2016

20 Last Minute Easy & Super-Cute Easter Party Food

Still thinking about the Easter party food for your kids? This post may help you!

All the food below are easy to make. Most important, they are all super-cute. You must hear kids screaming in the party when they are taken out.

1. Bunny Toast

There is no instruction on how to make this in the website. But I guess you can make a toast as usual first. Then use knife to scratch away the top layer in rabbit shape. Finally use melted chocolate the decorate the edge of rabbit.

2. Bunny Butt Pancake

This is so cute! I like its tail ^^

3. Ice Cream Cone Carrots

This must be crispy and tasty!

4. Easter Egg Popsicles

This is so creative!

5. Colored Cracked Easter Eggs

Boys must like these!

6. Oreo Easter Dirt Cake

Never think of using Oreo like this, great idea!

7. Strawberry Easter Eggs

Special Easter Egg decorations!

8.Colored Boiled Eggs

I think we can use different colors of cream for decorating the egg whites too. For the York, we can leave it for another food.

9. Krispie Treat Easter Carrots

So easy but cute idea!

10. Easter Chicks Deviled Eggs


11. Carrot Patch Cookies

For this one, I think I will use small tomato and cabbage to make the carrots, instead of using candies.

12. Marshmallow Bunny Ear Cupcake
This website has recipe for making the cupcake. But I think I will buy some plain cupcakes and make the decorations on top only. That is so convenient!
13. Boiled Egg Rabbit 
Love this idea most because it is so simple to make and can give surprise to kids in Easter!
14. Coconut Flake & Chocolate Egg Cookies
This website has recipe for baking the cookies. But I think I can just buy some cookies and decorate the top.
15. Chocolate Chips Peanut Butter Birds' Nest
Delicious nest!
16. Rice Krispie Nest
Another easy but delicious nest!

17. Mashmallow Chocolate Easter Egg
This is so creative!
18. Bunny Sandwich 
I will also put ham, egg and strawberry jam in the middle of the bread.
19. Jelly Eggs
This one is easy, just use cookie cutter to cut eggs.
20. Rice Krispie Easter Eggs
Love these, so eye-catching!

For more Easter food ideas, please go to:


  1. For any party, delicious party plays an important role in it’s success or failure. If food is not good then whole party gets ruined. I always prefer booking those party venues for my parties which are known for their food.

  2. oh my goodness. those are so cute! I really want some of this food.


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