Tuesday, March 8, 2016

28 Creative Stamps that kids can make

I like stamping arts. Simple stamps can make a pretty picture easily.

Below are some easy to get materials which can be made into stamps for kids crafts.

1. Salt Dough

The original idea is to make the stamp for cookies. But I think this can be used for stamping pictures too.

2. Bubble Wrap

Love this color, so pretty!

3. String / rope

4. Kitchen Tissue

This one so creative!

5. Corks

6. Straws

7. Button

8. Sponge

9. Bottle Cap

10. Bottle

11. Pencil Eraser

12. Fruit

13. Vegetables

14. Flowers

15. Leaves

16. Q-Tip

17. Styrofoam (Cut out shape)

It is a great idea to use the Styrofoam stamps on empty packaging tape tube!

18. Styrofoam (by scratching)

19. Brush

20. Paper Roll / Tissue Roll

21. Balloon

22. Old Plushy Toy

23. Bouncy Ball

24. Cookie Cutter

25. Pom Pom

26. Lego

27. Marshmallow
28. Toy car wheels
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