Tuesday, June 24, 2014

10 Creative Uses of Embroidery / Stitchery Hoop in Crafts

I discover that embroidery hoop is very good for making home decorations / crafts.

I have wrapped up 10 creative ideas for making crafts with embroidery hoops. They are all easy to make and can be done by kids.

1. Wall Clocks

You can just buy the hoop and clock movement, and then design the clock with kids. Clocks can be put on the wall in kid's room. Whenever you have tired of the old clock design, you can use new materials to make another one. That is so simply and funny!

2. Wall decorations

If I have a daughter, I will let her sew something on some of the hoops and then display them on the bedroom's wall as decorations.

It looks so warm and pretty to use hoops with different cloth!

3. Pin Cushions

It is a good idea to make this with your daughter before doing other sewing projects : )

4. Christmas ornaments

It must be attractive to hang these onto Christmas tree!

5. Perpetual Calendar

What a good idea to make a perpetual calendar with the hoop. But I think it will be better if the hoop is decorated with washi tapes or crochet.

source: Modest Dwelling

6. Coasters

7. Message Board

You can design the message board with your kids to encourage them to use them for organizing or recording things.

9. Pendant with Necklace

source: unknown

10. Photo frames

This idea is great! But I must sew something colorful around the photo ; )

For more embroidery hoop craft ideas, please go to:

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