Monday, August 11, 2014

How to Decorate / Draw Wood Door Hanger?

In the last Father's Day, my son and I made a special gift to Daddy.

That was a wood door hanger with words of love.

I should share this earlier, but I am busy looking after my son who is on summer holiday.

I am a mom, who does not want to miss any minute to get along with my son. Soon, he will leave me and play with his friends only.

My son and I discussed on what to write on the door hanger first.

I suggested that one side can write, 'Keep Quiet! Daddy is sleeping! Shhh...'

He agreed. In fact, this was for reminding my son not to disturb Daddy when he wants to have a sleep in the bedroom, lol!

For this side, we used black and yellow stripes to surround the words.

This was my son's idea because these two-color ribbons are used by policemen, to surround the crime spot for warning people not to go in.

But how to draw the stripes tidily?? If draw by hand, especially by my son who is only 8 years old, it is difficult.

Finally, I decided to use adhesive tape to help us. After sticking the tapes in parallel lines, we drew the black color stripes first. After they were dried, we tore off the adhesive tape and draw the yellow color.

Then, we used marker to write the words. But I think next time, we can write the words bigger. ; )

On the other side of the hanger, we wanted to write I love U Dad.  To save space, we used a heart instead of the word 'love'.

This time, I wanted to use rainbow colors as the background color. We first used glue to mask the words.

To emphasis the words, I use sponge to put black color around the words.

Originally, I thought that we could tear away the glue easily after it dried up. But I was wrong. After drawing the rainbow colors, I found that I could not tear away the glue. It sticked so tightly onto the wood.

I felt unhappy as the wood hanger might have to be done from the beginning again.

But finally, instead of tearing away the glue, I used a clean towel with water to clean the paint on the glue. Oh thanks God, I could clean away the colors on the words easily. And the words looked so good with tidy edge.

For this door hanger, I used Acrylic Colors and then sprayed a layer of Aerosol Paint on it to keep the colors lasting for long.

Daddy felt so surprised when he received this Father's Day gift. He said that is so pretty : )

For blank wood door hanger, please go to:

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