Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Miyazaki Animation Layout Designs (including Totoro)

Last Sunday, we went to see a special exhibition - Miyazaki Animation Layout Designs.

Don't know who is Miyazaki?? That is OK.

How about Totoro, the big grey cat?? That is designed by Miyazaki.

When I was a teenager, I liked Totoro so much!

It is so cute, especially when he carried a small umbrella.

I like its smiling face too. That is so lovely.

This exhibition shows a lot of hand drafts / layout designs of animations by Miyazaki.

Though we could not take photo in the exhibition, I found some websites which show related pictures.



Though the above websites are in Chinese, you can still zoom in to see the pictures clearly.

Outside the exhibition area, there are some areas for taking photos.

There are Soot-Sprite on the floor.

You can draw Soot-Sprite with labels provided and stick to the wall. It is so funny to see walls of Soot-Sprite

I love the below photo area most. If you lay on the Totoro and take photo at a certain angle. It will look like you are laying on the Totoro's tummy!

Below pictures are taken from: http://www.utravel.com.hk/blog/shecky/?p=7922

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