Monday, May 19, 2014

Kids Party Food - Sushi

When my son has long holiday, I like to cook with him.

Sometimes, we make some cakes. Sometimes, we prepare a meal with vegetable and meat.

My son enjoys that.

In the Easter holiday, I made sushi with my son. This was our first time. : )

He likes tuna fish and corn sushi. Thus, we tried to make it.

I think making sushi together with kids is good. Because it is safe without using fire. And it is easy to make and special.

We prepared all necessary food and tools, which included vinegar for sushi, tin of tuna fish, corn, rice, sheets of seaweed, bamboo sheet for rolling sushi.

Besides the food we used, you can also put cucumber, egg, crabstick, carrot, minced pork, etc. to the sushi. I do not let my son to eat raw seafood.

First, mix the rice with vinegar. If you want the rice to be more sour, mix more vinegar.

Please note that the food and rice for making sushi must be cooled first. Or, the hot food will melt the sheet of seaweed.

Second, put the sheet of seaweed on the bamboo sheet. The rough side of the seaweed sheet should be faced up. Then press the rice equally onto the seaweed sheet. Put less rice at edges, or the sushi roll cannot be stick well.

Third, put tuna fish and corn equally on top of the rice.

Then, roll with the bamboo sheet. After rolling, press the food hard with the bamboo sheet to make the sushi in good shape.

Finally, cut the sushi roll into pieces.

In my opinion, rolling the sushi is not easy. It requires practicing to make it well. Below is a video which can show you how to roll it.

Though it was our first time, out of my surprise, my son could roll them quite well : ) He may have the talent to be a cook.

For more food art for kids, please go to:

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