Saturday, April 12, 2014

8 more Non-oven Easy Easter Party Food for Kids

Last time after I posted the first 8 non-oven Easter Party food for kids, a lot of readers come.

I guess this is because though most mommies are busy, but they still want to make some funny food for their kids in Easter.

So am I!

To help busy mommies to get more ideas on easy making Easter food, here is another round up.

Hope that you like it!


1. Carrot Patch Cookies

For this one, I think I will use small tomato and cabbage to make the carrots, instead of using candies.


2. Bunny Sandwich
I will also put ham, egg and strawberry jam in the middle of the bread.

3. Bunny Pudding

I had made one for my son years ago. Below was my bunny! Its taste was good, but not as cute as the above one. Maybe later when I have time, I post my recipe for your reference too.

4. Bunny Sandwich
Source: unknown (linkage provided in related picture is invalid now)
This is cute and healthy!
5. Fruit Easter Egg
What a creative and healthy idea!

6. Pancake Bunny


Give your kids a surprise breakfast on the Easter Day!

7. Chick and Egg Sandwich
This is so cute!
8. Boiled Egg Rabbit
Love this idea most because it is so simple to make and can give surprise to kids in Easter!

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