Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kids activity - Noah's Ark (2)

Besides the Ark Garden, there are a lot of exhibitions and facilites in the Noah's Ark.


My son truly wanted to try the rope climbing facilities inside it. But he was not tall enough to play that now. He felt so disappointed.

4D Threatre

We watched a 4D movie, talking about the building of the Ark, and experiencing the big flooding on the Earth. There were wind, shaking of chairs and 3D glassess which made the video so real.

We love it. We could not take photo here, or I must share some with you.

Ark Life Education House

This is a house teaching us that life is a precious gift which we should treasure.

We played a lot of games here. The two most impressive ones were as follows:

1. Trouble is coming

We have to sit inside a room. There are four strings hanging from the ceiling. You choose one string and pull. There may be water, balls, etc. falling on you after you pull it.

My husband and my son had chosen a string with water fell over their head, lol!

This is a funny game. In fact, behind this game is a meaningful lesson. (see below)

2. Count down from 30 seconds

We watched a movie, showing that the Earth would be destroyed by big stones falling from the space.

When your life would be finished within 30 seconds, what do you want to say to your love?? We were given a piece of paper to write down our last words.

The movie was quite real. I nearly burst into tears at the end.

Treasure House

My son liked to play here most.

There are fifteen discovery galleries on life, culture, science, history, music, etc. Each gallery has interactive games and exhibitions.

The most funniest game that we played was this one: make a racing car ourselves and then compete with other racing cars.

The car that can push the other car outside the runway will be the winner.

Everyone cheered for their own cars. Though we lost, that was so exciting!!

As taking photos is not allowed in the Treasure House, I could only took a few.

For more funny kids activity, please go to:

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