Thursday, March 13, 2014

Your attitude makes the world different

I absolutely agree this positive quote.
All of you should know that I have two on-lines shops at etsy and ebay.
Previously, when there was no business on a day, I must felt very unhappy.
I blamed that why I could not sell more, even I had done so much!
Sometimes, I even lost my temper and did nothing that day.
But now, when there is no business on a day, I feel happy. Because I think that I have time to review my shop listings, to check why the products cannot be sold well.
I also try to use the leisure time to read related books that can help me to improve my business.
After changing my attitude, I find that my business is better than before. At least, it is improving gradually.
I believe that if I use this attitude continuously, I must be successful one day!
When you face difficulty, try to think that it is a chance to strengthen or improve yourself. Then you will feel better.

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