Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kids activity - Noah's Ark (1)

Recently, we had been to a special place for kids. It was the Noah's Ark.

It is the world's first full scale Ark replica.

It is in fact a big building with exhibition rooms, hotel rooms, restaurants and shops inside.

Below are the pictures of the Ark took a few years ago. I post these pictures instead of those we took recently because on the day when we visited recently, the weather is cloudy. We could not take pretty picture on that day.

Below was the view that we could see when we stood under the Ark.

Below was the view that we could see when we stood on the Ark. It was so pretty!

Below are pictures took on recent day again.

The entrance

In the Ark Garden, pairs of animals coming out from the Ark.

The above are just the outside part of the Ark. Inside it, there are funny exhibitions / games for children. I will introduce more in the next post.

To learn more about the Noah's Ark in Hong Kong, please click the link below:

More funny kids activity ideas:


  1. Awesome! Kids will certainly get excited about this place. The pictures are great and it does seem like a fun place to be.

    1. This is really a great place for kids, or even for adults. From the exhibitions, we can learn that life is a precious gift. I will share more in next post.


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