Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Our First Own Design Bag with Angry Bird

I like designing something by myself.

When I saw the permanent fabric colors and blank small bag in craft shop, I bought them immediately.

When I told my son that we could design and draw our own bag, he was so excited.

I planned to let him use this bag to hold snacks to school cos those plastic bags that we bought were not durable.

We bought one at the beginning of the school term, but it was worn after a month. Oh my God! That was the product of Disney, it was quite expensive but it was not durable!

So I decided not to buy similar bag again.

I let my son to design the new bag himself.

He drafted on a paper and then on the bag with pencil.

He drew big sun, rainbow and clouds in the sky. On the grassland, a man was having picnic with some drinks and food on the table cloth.

I forgot to take a photo for his original work. I had already changed something on the photo below.

He used fabric colors to paint it. But he stopped before it was finished.

I felt strange and asked him why.

He said that he regretted to draw those pictures on it because they were so girlish.

I think 7-year old children are just like that. They change their mind very often.

In order to re-design the bag, I tried to wash away the colors from the bag to make the bag white again.

Out of my surprise, the colors did not come out a little even I had used bleach to clean it.

Thus, I had to re-design the bag by making good use of the existing colors.

Finally, I decided to draw Angry Bird and the Pig, which must not be girlish.

I changed the Sun to Angry Bird, draw a Pig on the grass, and changed food & drinks on the table cloth to eggs, lol!

My son likes it very much! When he took it to school, his classmates praised that. He felt so proud to tell others that it was made by his mommy!

If you were me, how will you change the design?

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