Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Funny Exhibitions for Kids (1)

Recently, we went to the Cultural Museum.

Do not think that the things exhibited in the museum are always boring!

This time the exhibition was so funny. It was totally for kids, about hearing and visual arts.

My son enjoyed this very much!

A big octopus made by recycle wooden box. Children can climb into it.

Musical instruments made by recycle plastic bottles.

Drums made by plastic buckets.

This one was funny. When you turned the handle made by pipes, the marbles and things inside the big plastic bottles would turn and made some sound.

A snake balance beam made by wood.

A wooden bicycle, which can be ridden on.
Musical instruments made by spanner and pans. We can follow the instructions on the wall to play a song, so funny.

Washboard can also be used as musical instrument. : )
You can use a stick to scratch on it, haha!

Many different kinds of drums.

More will be shared on the next post.

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