Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Funny Exhibitions for Kids (2)

Besides a lot of musical instruments made by recycling materials, there were other funny games in the exhibitions.

Children could draw freely on glass. My son liked this very much. Maybe because he do not have chance to do this at home, lol!

A lot of blocks for building roads and playing cars

This one was creative. There was a very big story boards with characters. Bubbles were provided besides the characters. Children could write words in the bubbles to create a funny story themselves.

We could see in the eyes of the cats and pigeon. But we were silly, we did not notice that. After visiting the museum, we saw a post in a magazine introducing these. Not sure what could be seen in the eyes of the cats and pigeon??

This music game was the most funniest one. Not only my son, my husband and I also liked to play this.

On the screen, we could drag and drop to draw some lines.

These lines were strings of a musical instrument.

When you moved on the string, there was sound of a musical instrument. I think the sound was just like the sound of a harp.

Lines in different lengths could play different musical scales. The sound was so harmonious!

We tried to draw a lot of lines in different lengths and played songs.  That was so funny!

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