Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bottle Crafts - Water Rocket

In summer holiday, I let my son to learn how to make water rocket in a YMCA class.

The water rocket that can be flied high in the sky after injecting water into the bottle.

But this class truly let me down.

The teacher only demonstrated how to make the nozzle and flied the rocket in the class.

She did not give my son any material to make the nozzle and asked us to buy them ourselves.

That is crazy! The cost of the class should have included the materials necessary for making the water rocket, I assume.

We really don't know where to buy the nozzle. Even if we know, we do not have the tools to cut the bottle cap in order to insert the nozzle.

At last, we give up completing the water rocket for my son!

My son, of course, feel disappointed about that!

But I like the rocket decorated by my son. That looks great, especially using strings to make curves and put circle foams in between the curves. That make it looks special!

Though this rocket cannot fly high in the sky, it is a great toy. My son likes using his hands to fly it. lol!

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