Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Home Decor made with kid

My son and I made a simple but beautiful home décor.

I think this is fresh to put it at home at hot summer.

Do you agree?

I did not want to spend any money to buy anything to make the décor.

Thus, I tried to find the materials from my kitchen cabinet.

Luckily, I found some blue plastic stones, which was previously used for decorating a vase for a water plant.

I also found a jar, which was previously used for feeding a small fish.

For the boat, we first tried to use Lego to build it. Because I think that should be funny if we can put a Lego man on the Lego boat.

However, it sank though we had changed a few styles of building methods.

Thus, finally we used a small piece of foam, a toothpick and a color paper.

The foam does not absorb water, or it will sink.

I think that is quite good and looks fresh in hot summer! We like it and put in in the dinning room now.

It looks good to be put together with the sand picture that we made. (please go to previous post for the sand picture making process.)

If you do not have the color plastic stones, you can put some sand on the bottom.
Then put some water and add some color for food. Do not use poster color or water color. As I tried, though the water could be made colorful, it was not clear.
After that, put some baby oil. As baby oil is lighter than water, it will float on top layer.
Then make a small boat or something that can float on top of the baby oil. That is beautiful, too.
We made by this method once. But as we did not have color for food and sand, the final work is not so beautiful. 
For more home décor for kids, please go to my Pinterest.


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