Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Colored Sand Picture with Frame

Today, I did a special craft with my son.

That was the colored sand picture.

Making sand picture can be a mess. But I bought a kit with self adhesive cardboard, which could allow sand picture making easy and tidy.

Below is our work. The inspiration was from our camping recently.

The kit has a plastic frame, too.

I think this is a wonderful home d├ęcor and kids crafts. How do you think??


1. Draw the picture on the cardboard provided. Be sure you draw on the side with self adhesive paper. You can tear the corner to see which side has self adhesive paper.

2. Decide which part should be filled in which color. Mark colors on related area if necessary.

3. Use cutter to cut the part that you want to fill in sand first. Try to cut all the parts with the same colors at the same time, so that you can fill in the color on parts at the same time.

4. Every time after filling in sand, lightly flip away redundant sand.

Repeat steps 3 & 4 until finished.

5. Cover the sand picture with the plastic sheet provided and frame it.

This craft kit is now available in my shop:

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