Friday, August 2, 2013

Gundam docks at Hong Kong

I am not sure if Gundam is popular in Western countries or not. But it is very popular in Hong Kong, especially in 90s.

Gundam is a robot in a Japanese cartoon. Now it docks at Hong Kong.

Besides 1:3 Gundam and Char which are about 7m tall. There is also a giant size White Base, which is 10m long, hanging on the ceiling of Times Square Shopping Center.

The exhibition is from Jul 26th to Sept 1st, 2013.

For those lucky enough to reside in or visiting Hong Kong, you can head on over to the Time Square Shopping Center's front entrance to see the face off between the Gundam & Char's Zaku II statue.

The above picture is retrieved from the blog below. There are many many pictures regarding this exhibition in the blog, including the installation process. If you like Gundam, you must visit the blog!

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