Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paper Crafts - Reprocessed / Recycle Paper Crafts

Summer holiday has started.
My son has a lot of leisure time.
I bought some special crafts for him to do at home.
Thus, in rainy days when he cannot go out to playground, he still has something to play : )
Last week, we tried to make the reprocessed / recycle paper.

At the beginning, we found some useless papers.
As we wanted to make a new paper in light green color, we used half A4 white paper and half A4 green paper.
We tore them into small pieces, added water and smashed it by hand in a basin until it looked like porridge.
If you have a mixer at home, you can use it instead.
Then we put the smashed paper onto a net for making reprocessed / recycle paper. The net was first put in the middle of a wooden frame.
By doing so, extra water could be leaked out from the net and the recycle paper could be made in a rectangle shape.
We then used our hands to press the smashed paper to flatten it into equal thickness and help to squeeze away some of the extra water.

We took out the net from the frame and tried to absorb extra water by using newspaper and clean towel. At this moment, please DO NOT take away the smashed paper from the net yet.
Then we added some dried flowers on it and let it dry under sun or wind.

After 1 day, it dried completely. We flipped the net lightly and the dried recycle paper come out.
However, we found that some of the dried flower could not stick to the paper properly. We needed to use glue to stick again.
For those which could be stick properly, the color was less sharp than before.
This time, the making of recycle paper was successful, but the decorating with dried flower was not successful.
Below is the final work. We wrapped it with microwave wraps and gave to grandmother. Though it is not perfect, she liked that so much!

Later on, I discover that the dried flowers provided should not be used like that.
The dried flowers should be cut into small pieces and put randomly onto the recycle paper to make it prettier.
I think next time when we make recycle paper again. It can be used to make a card to someone we love. We can draw or write something onto the paper. It is very special to have a card made completely by yourself : )

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