Saturday, August 24, 2013

Piece of Peace World Heritage Exhibition Built with Lego Bricks (3)

This is the last log of Lego exhibition works to share with you.

This time, there are some buildings from China.

This is the one that I like most. This is a building built long time ago for worshiping the 'God'.

This one is amazing. 100,000 pcs of Legos had been used for this! @@

This one is a building from China, too. I like that the Lego can make the image of the Buddha on one side and make the 3D Buddha on another side.
These are building from Fujian of China. The shape is so special. As I know, people living inside can feel cool in summer and feel warm in winter. That is so strange.
Sydney Opera House, we just went there. May share the travelling experience with you soon.
Love this too. You see the houses are so beautiful and there is a tunnel under the houses. Can you see it?
Other Lego artworks. They are all amazing! Happy to visit this free exhibition! ^^



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