Sunday, September 1, 2013

A house for plushy toys

I have some plushy toys bought years ago.

But avoiding them to become dirty, I seldom display them.

Instead, I put them in plastic bags and put into the kitchen cabinets.

One day, when I cleaned the cabinets, I discovered them.

I let my son have a look of them.

Out of my surprise, he likes them so much and asked me to let him play them. (Oh! He is a boy, not a girl. Is that strange??)

Of course, it is OK. Thus I took him out of plastic bags again.

One of them is a small black cat which my boyfriend (now is my husband) bought at Australia many years ago when we studied there.

My son likes that most.

But with limited space, how to store them properly?? He already has a lot of toys.

Looking at the carton boxes that we kept for crafts, I had an idea.

I used a big box, previously used for storing car toys, to make a big house for them.

This box is great as the front part is made with transparent plastic.

By making it into a house, the transparent plastic is just like windows which allows us to see inside.

I made it into 3-storey. Each storey has its door.

Each door has a lock made by rubber band and a thumbtack.

My son likes this house very much.

And of course, I like it too. Because it can help to keep the plushy toys tidy, lol!

Sometimes, saving old toy boxes may be useful not just for crafts, but also for making the place tidy.
Do you agree?   

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