Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More Father's Day Gift Idea / Crafts

More ideas below...

No. 6 Daddy's face sandwich
I found these sandwiches. They are so pretty and funny.
I just think, you can observe the shape of your daddy's face, his eyes size, color of hair....,
and then make one sandwich for him accordingly.
He must like it! Maybe you can ask your daddy to take a photo with the sandwich, so funny!


No. 7:  Daddy and me on bottles
Use big and small plastic or glass bottles and decorate them like daddy and you.
These can be used as a kind of home decor, so great!
No. 8: Paper Cups Trophy
Give your daddy a trophy if he is a good daddy! : )
If daddy's name is also on the trophy, that will be perfect!! How do you think?

No. 9: Paper slippers Father's Day Card
This is really a funny idea. That is so warm.
You can write anything to show how you love your daddy! ^^

No. 10 Family handprint picture
I love this idea so much!
So warm and so personalised!
A great home decor, too.

Please go to my Pinterest if you want to check out the sources of the above ideas. Thanks.


I would also like to link you to a teacher's blog, where there are more father's day crafts ideas.

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