Monday, June 3, 2013

Father's Day Gift or Crafts Ideas

Father's Day is coming.
Have you decided what to make or buy for daddy?
Below are some ideas that I found. I tried to give some idea on how to make it a more personalised gift. Hope that you like them.
All the sources can be found in my Pinterest under the board 'Father's Day Crafts'
No. 1 A shirt card
I like the buttons most. I think you can observe which tie and what color of the shirt that your daddy like most, and then make one according to them. Your daddy must like that!
More ....

No. 2 Slippers with words
Maybe you can buy a pair of slippers, carved the words like 'Dad, I love U'. For me, I think I will carve 'My #1 Dad, Danny'. I think it is much better to carve daddy's name to make it a personalised gift. Then take daddy to the beach and give him a surprise! (lol)

No.3 Snake Cake
If your daddy likes snake, you can consider to buy this cake. Do not tell daddy it is a cake first and give him a surprise. But not sure if your daddy will flatten it when he try to catch or kill it. ha ha !

No. 4 Special gift wrap
You can use make a special gift wrap like this and circle the words like 'I love you daddy'. That is funny and meaningful!

No. 5 Beard Pancake
If your daddy likes to eat pancake, in the morning of Father's Day, you can make a beard pancake. Give daddy a surprise when he wakes up!


I would also like to link you to another blog, where you can find 10 other great ideas on Father's Day! Enjoy them!



  1. good ideas! regards

  2. ¡QuĂ© miedo!, si la serpiente parece de verdad! Genial tarta


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