Thursday, May 30, 2013

Father's Day Printable Coloring Card

My husband's birthday is coming and Father's Day is also coming.

My son and I are busy thinking what to make for him.

We had decided how to make a birthday card for him. We will make it when there is time.

For the Father's Day, I want to design a card or do some craft that is special.

It is quite boring just making shirt and tie card or crafts every year.

This morning, I know what I should do. : )

I draw a card by myself!

I try to draw the face of my husband.

He wears glasses, with dimples, small eyes, thin hair....

That looks like him, haha!

I think daddies would like to receive something that is especially for him, rather just shirt and tie.

Below is my card. I will let my son do the coloring.

If your daddy looks like my husband, you are welcome to print the card for use! : )

Not sure my husband will like that or not!

You can click on the picture, right click the mouse button and choose print picture.

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