Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Paper Crafts - Own Design Mini Doll Room

When I found this paper craft kit, I like it so much.

Because the kit allows the kids to build a small room and furnitures with white cardboard and decorate it by themselves.

I bought it to my son without much considerations.

Recently, we spent a few days to make it.

At first, we took out the die cut patterns.

We use glue to set up the room and furniture. When sticking furniture, it requires adult's help.

Then go to the step that my son most like. That is to paint and design his own room.

We used color papers for the walls on two sides, but paint one wall with poster color.

I ask my son to do that because this can let him enjoy the fun of painting. : )

Then he painted the furniture. All colors were chosen by my son himself.

I want him to do all the design work by himself though at last the effect may not be perfect.

Below picture is decoration in progress.

Mostly finished. Now my son is busy preparing for his exam. He said that when he had time, he would add some more things to the room.

He would add an air conditioner next to the window and some photo frames on the wall above the bed. : )

That is really great ideas.

The curtain style was thought by my son. That looks great!

My son said that this new room is for his two 'pets', little rabbit and frog, ha ha!

I really want to see the finished work after his exam. : )

In fact, this room is just similar to our house, which is small but well equipped. lol!

This is a boy's room. If let me design it, I will surely make it a Princess room.

I will paint the walls in pink, with white bed, purple curtain...

I will add a mirror to the desk instead of a table cloth,

I will make a flower clock on the wall.... How do you think??

A Google reader reminded me about the Van Gogh's picture. Yes, this room looks like one of his picture because the craft kit promotes that the inspiration of it is from that picture. To see the picture, please click here: . http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/52/VanGogh_Bedroom_Arles.jpg

This one is available for sale in my shop now.

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