Thursday, March 15, 2018

My First Time to have Wood Burn / Pyography on small items

All of you know, I had a giveaway of Easter craft kit for readers recently.

When I pack the craft kits for winners, an inspiration came to my mind suddenly.

'Is it possible to burn the kids' names on the wood eggs??'

I hesitated cos I have never tried to burn things on round surface.

But finally, I tried that.

Burning on round surface is really different from flat surface cos the burner may slide away if I do not hold it tightly.

Burning on small things is also more difficult cos when I hold the small egg, the heat from the burner transfer to my fingers quickly. Sometimes, I needed to have a break cos my fingers felt too hot!

Wow! It is so happy that finally I can do that successfully!

The wood egg is 4 cm tall. The words are about 0.5 cm tall.

Besides the wood eggs, the wood house below is my other satisfactory work.

It was used in a wedding held at home. Wordings were provided by customer. I loved her idea very much.

The words in the house were also about 0.5 cm tall only.

I truly love wood burning. Will do it continuously in the future!

For more of my works:

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