Thursday, March 8, 2018

Easter Free Printable Coloring Pages - Minion, Angry Birds, Frozen, etc.

If you ask kids to draw Easter eggs, they may feel boring.

Or, they may not have inspirations on how to draw.

It is a good idea to give kids coloring pages with cartoons that they like.

Below is a round up of coloring pages for age 7-12.

Popular cartoon characters can celebrate Easter with your kids!

1. Little Pony

2. The Flintstones

When I was a kid, I liked this cartoon very much because everything in the story is different from my world. That is so funny!

3. Hello Kitty

This is Japanese cartoon, which has been popular for many years. I like this quiet cat (no mouth) very much. I had many Hello Kitty stationery when I was young. Are you its fans??

4. Angry Birds

My son is the number one fans. We have posters of Angry Birds on the wardrobes and stickers on windows and drawers.

5. Mike of Monster University

6. Sponge Bob

7. Frozen

Girls must like this!!

8. Micky Mouse


9. Minion
My son likes Minions too. He watched all its films. 

10. Peppa Pig

For more Easter coloring pages for girls, please go to:

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