Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Our first pottery class

Besides the first mosaics class, we also had our first pottery class at the resort in the summer holiday.

It was our first time and was more difficult than I imagined.

It was difficult to make the shape that I wanted on the tuning table.

I wanted to make a pen-holder. But I could not control my fingers well.

Sometimes, I made it concave by accident. And sometimes, I made it bent irregularly carelessly.

So as my husband and my son, they found that quite difficult to make a good shape!

Finally, the teacher helped us to make the desired shapes. We only did the decorations on it, lol!


Below is my son's work.

Below is my husband's work. But he thought that it was ugly and thus did not request to mail home.


Since we only stayed at the resort for 3 days, we could not wait until it dried completely.

Thus, we only gave instructions to the staff for what color we wanted to put on which part and then they would do that for us.

After putting colors and dried completely, the staff mailed them to us.

Fortunately, they arrived here safely after a month.

This is my pen-holder. This is not as pretty as I expect. But it is OK!


This is my son's 'bowl'. My son's work looks so great. We all love it! Now he uses it to hold his small stuff like watch, cards, etc.

Below are other people's works.

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