Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our First Mosaics Projects

This summer holiday, we went to a resort.

There are some art classes in the resort, such as clay, shoe / tshirt / cap design, pottery, bottle drawing classes.

We attended a few of them. The class that I liked most is the mosaics class.

This was the first time my son and I did the mosaics projects. We felt so exciting!

In the class, we were given a wood photo frame as the foundation to adhere the tiles on.

There were so many pretty tiles for our choice. Some of them were complete and more of them were in pieces.

If we wanted to cut our shapes, we can use a cutting tool.

We designed our own photo frames and then use glues to stick the tiles.

Then the staff will help us to use grout to fill in the creases between the tiles.


Below is my son's work.

Below are my works. I made the blue one first. The inspiration was the sea. I love the dark blue tiles so much. They just like the mysterious deep sea. I also like the silver shining tiles. They just like the sunshine on the sea.

After making the blue one, I made the red one for my parents as souvenir. They like it so much.

After making the mosaics photo frames, I really want to do more mosaics projects. If I can find pretty tiles here, I must do it again.

Below is a detailed step by step article with video on how to do mosaics for our and your reference!

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