Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father's Day Key Holder - You are our Hero!

In this Father's Day, we made a special key holder for Daddy.

We used glass decoration colors to decorate one side of the plastic key holder.

First, we wrote 'You are our Hero!' inside the key holder. We wrote the mirror image of the words.

After letting the words dry completely, we decorated the background.

We used rainbow colors as background. This is my son's favorite when doing crafts.

I think we had put the color too thick. The blue and purple colors are too dark that we hardly see the word 'Hero'.

On the other side of the plastic key holder, we printed and put a small family photo.

That looks so great. Daddy loves it so much!

Why we use the words 'You are our Hero!'? Because we watched the movie 'The Avengers' recently. lol

We have also baked a cake with the same theme. Will post it later.

Glass d├ęcor color is available in my shop:

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