Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Carton Box Shield

In last Christmas, grandparents bought my son a very very big toy.
We kept its carton box package. I like to do that because carton box can make many toys or crafts.

One day, my son had a very special idea!

He wanted to make a big shield.

That was great! Thus, I let him to do the design and I helped him to do the cuttings.

Now, he is seven years old and cannot use the cutter very well. : )

The shield that he designed was quite special! It was very big (about 1.1 metres) and had a window.

The most special part was that it could be held in two ways. One way was to hold it with the hand. Another way was to hold it with the arm put horizontally across the shield.

I guess he had the inspirations from news in TV. There were riots around the world. He saw how the policemen protected themselves with shields.

This shield is easy to make and my son has a lot of fun with it.

You may try to make one if you have son(s). Boys must like that! lol!

But be careful that the boys may think that this is a real shield that can protect them.

One time, when my son played this with his friend. His friend used a toy gun to shoot him closely.

Though that is a toy gun, the bullet shoots quite strongly. If shoot closely, it may still hurt.

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