Thursday, February 20, 2014

Paper crafts - stained glass windows

Recently, my son had a special homework.

The school requested students to prepare a book report on a window. The window could be decorated with any material we like.

This was a funny homework.

My son and I immediately thought about the church's stained glass window.

But how to make this??

We had played stained glass colors recently. (

But if we used them on the window would not be pretty cos glass colors need light to make them beautiful!

I remembered we still had some glass paper which was left after making lantern in the Kindergarten. (That is already a few years ago, lol!)

Thus, we finally decided to use color and black papers to make the window frame and then put the glass paper at the back to make it more beautiful.

At the beginning, we used some second-hand paper to practice.

We folded the square paper half and half into eight sections / triangles.

We used pencil to draw patterns.

After cutting, we unfolded the paper to see if the pattern was pretty.

Below is the our work.

The window could be opened in the middle.

The text was written inside the window.


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