Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Glass Decor Color Project - Photo Frame

I like the stained glass / windows in church so much. When sun shines on them, they are so colorful and pretty.

I always think that it is so good if I can make one by myself.

One day, when I walked around a craft shop, I discovered that there was glass décor color for making stained glass.

This one is special because you can draw your own picture on a plastic sheet, let it dry completely and then peel off your work and stick it on glass, mirror or tiles.

As I was afraid that my work could not be peeled off successfully, I also bought a photo frame too.

I  filled in colors on the photo frame with my son. That is so funny and the final work really looks good!

At the beginning, I planned to draw the sea-grass in different green colors.

But my son thought that they were not sea-grass, but coral. That should be colorful!

I think that his idea was good. Thus, we started to draw them in different colors.

That really looked good!

Then, we tried to fill in colors for the fish and seahorse. Ops! When nearly completed, I found that there was a problem. That is ... the whole picture seemed to have too many colors, especially the seahorse. Do you agree??

Thus, I decided to peel away some colors and re-do again. After changing colors for the fish and seahorse, I think the whole picture seemed prettier.
The glass décor color is strange. When you put in on the photo frame, it looks ugly. The blue color has just been put. It looks ugly.
But when it dries, the color will change to see-through color which is so beautiful under sunlight.

This is the completed photo frame. The below picture was taken in the sitting room with the ceiling light on.


It is most prettiest if I put the photo frame onto the window at day time.

If I put it on a table with a window behind it, it also looks good.
Next time, we will try to draw some angry birds and pigs on a plastic sheet and see if they can be peeled off and put onto windows easily. If yes, that must be very pretty! : )
This glass décor color is selling in my shop:

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