Monday, January 20, 2014

'Ball' Game Made by Small Boxes, Tissue Rolls and Carton Box

My son's school had a special assignment recently.

It required the students to make a toy with recycling materials. Parents could think and teach children how to do at home. But children had to make them at school. This assignment is important because the score will make up 10% of the General Studies exam marks.

Though my son is seven years old now, he cannot make complex crafts tidily. Thus, we have to prepare a toy that is funny and not too complex to make by himself.

Finally, we decided to make this. This was a 'ball' game.

First, we collected small boxes in different sizes and tissue rolls, and cut them in different heights and shapes.

Then, we planned their positions to be sticked on the carton box bottom and assigned different marks to different boxes depending on the difficulties to throw a paper ball in. The more difficult, the higher the mark.

We fixed the boxes and tissue rolls onto the carton box bottom with glue and made three balls with waste paper.

Children can play this game as competition. Each child can have 3 paper balls. After throwing them, they have to add up the marks that they get. Only when paper balls are thrown inside the box can they get related marks.

To play safe, we made a 'prototype' at home. He likes to play this with us. We have much fun with this simple toy!

Besides this playing method, we will try to use two strings and a table tennis balls to play this. One person holds one end of the strings and another person holds another end. We can let the ball rolls between the two strings. When the ball can drop into a certain box, related marks can be got.

I think this game is not just funny, but this can also train up children's calculations ability. : )

I always think that there is no need to buy expensive toys to children. They are tired of new toy very soon. And I am not rich. I am a housewife who does not have much income.

Simple toys like this can also have fun. And more important, this kind of toys is much better than iPad, computer games or watching TV. Do you agree??


  1. Very creative! I love seeing what kids come up with from things they find around the house.


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