Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 X'mas Crafts - Gift Wrapping

Besides growing the crystal X'mas, my son and I also did some special gift wrapping at Christmas.

Originally, I wanted to make some ornaments with paper with my son. But he did not want to make them.

Instead, he wanted to wrap the X'mas gifts with special designs.

Thus, we played gift wrapping this Christmas : )

The earliest Christmas party was held at his school. I gave him some color papers and he decided to wrap the gift in two different designs.

One side with stripes,

Another side with dots. It looked funny  : )

For the gift to Daddy, we used newspaper to wrap it first. And then, used slips of color paper to decorate the surface. This design was learned from Pinterest!

For the gift to the helper, we used a color paper bag with a face of Hello Kitty on top cos she likes it very much. The Hello Kitty face can be found on the web. We just need to adjust it into suitable size and print it out.

But as I see now, it would be more funny if I draw the body of the Hello Kitty on the bag too.

I myself also wrapped the gift to my son secretly. I used color papers and a plastic sheet to wrap it like a candy. The plastic sheet was previously used for costume package.

My son like the small Christmas trees very much. Thus, I cut it out and stick onto one of his notebook cover. : )

How do you think??

Did you wrap your Christmas gifts specially this year?? Welcome to share them with us on Facebook!

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