Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 We grew a special X'mas tree!!

This year, we grew a very special X'mas tree at home as decorations.

This tree was special because it grew very quickly and it was colorful.

Also, it was easy to grow!

Though it was small (its height was about 8 inches only), it was so beautiful! We like it so much! How do you think??

This is in fact an experiment about crystallisation. We grew it according to the instructions in a science magazine for kids.

It was easy to grow.

At first, we put some colored sand in a container and poured some transparent liquid into it.

We then put the tree branches made of thick paper into them.

At the beginning, it looked like this.

After an hour, it began to grow with some 'leaves' come out.

After we put it overnight, it grew like this. That was awesome!

Though it was pretty, it was short-lived cos when the crystals grew bigger, it became heavy and dropped.

We could only display it for a few days.

But we took a lot of photos with it, lol!!

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