Monday, October 28, 2013

Kids Crafts - Halloween

Last Sunday, we held a small Halloween Party at home.

We had invited a few friends to our party.

Only a few friends could join because now is the testing or examination period, most of the children need to study at home.

My son is having tests too. But I want him to relax, instead of just study and study.

Before the party, my son and I decorated the house.

I had seen a photo from the web that some people decorated their house doors with funny faces.

This gave me inspirations. I decided to decorate the fridge and piano with funny faces.

We used colored papers, old magazines and paper plates to make them.

Then, stick them with blu-Tack, so that no mess!

How do you think??

For the face below, if you turn the eyes, you can see sleepy eyes and sad eyes. That is funny!

When my son's friends came, we had a competition.

Each of them had to decorate one room door with the paper plates, color papers and markers provided.

This was my son's work.

To be honest, I did not really know what my son want to make, lol!

They had a fun time with this competition!

Though I had prepared some other games, they did not join anymore. They preferred to play the toys in our house by themselves, lol!

For more Halloween party games ideas and kids crafts, please click the links below:

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