Monday, September 9, 2013

Kids Crafts - Halloween plastic coasters

I always want to find a kind of home decorations for festivals, which can be reused.

I discover it now! It is the DIY plastic coasters.

In Halloween, I can design related pictures with my son and put them on table as home decorations.

After the Halloween party, I can take the Halloween pictures out, punch a hole, attach a string and make it as a bookmark.

Then, we can redesign our own coasters again with drawing, sewing, photos, colored sand, etc. 

If not using as coasters, I think this can also be used as photo or picture frames. We can stick a piece of cardboard at the back of the coaster to make it stand.

In fact, I think that it is great to give the coasters to guests as souvenirs/ gifts. They must like them!

This is for sale in my shop:

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