Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Holiday Self Design Plastic Hand Fan

Summer starts! It is so hot now!

I want to buy some hand fan for my son.

But when I wandering around shops, I found this DIY hand fan kit.

That is so great!

The fan is made by plastic which is more durable.

And most funniest is that we can design our own hand fans with color adhesive plastic films!

My son felt excited when he knew that he could design his own hand fan.

He wants to make a fish on it.

I let him design his own picture and then decided the colors together.

Deciding color was challenging because only 5 colors of films are provided.

Below is the outcome, we like it so much! (Both sides are the same)

Below are the steps for making it. That is easy!

1. Cut the plastic fan into the shape that you want.
2. Tear away the green plastic sheets for protecting the fan.

3. Put the plastic fan onto a white paper, draw its shape on the paper. Take away the plastic fan and draw how you want to decorate the fan.

4. Decide which color to put on which part of the picture. Cut the shapes in the pictures and put them onto the related color self adhesive plastic films and cut accordingly.

5. Stick color self adhesive plastic films one by one to the fan. As the self adhesive plastic films have colors on both sides, you only need to stick on one side of the fan. Then, both sides of the fans can see the same picture.
As this is funny for children, I have put it into my store. If you are interested, please click below:

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  1. This is such a cute craft. It has been so hot here that I could use one of these.


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