Monday, January 14, 2013

Stem Stitch

If you want to sew details on a face, e.g. the whiskers of an animal, this stitch can be used.

Fig 1: Bring out the thread through A and take it in through B. Take the needle backwards and bring the thread out through C. Make sure the point C lies over the stitch A-B. Fig 2: You need to note that the point C lies about half way through A and B. Also note that C lies on top of the stitch A-B. So, all the subsequent stitch points will lie on top their previous stitch.

Fig 3: Take the needle in through D. Try to mark D in such a way that the point B will lie half way through C-D. Bring the needle out through B.Fig 4: So, the pattern of two stitches of the stem stitch will be as shown above.
Fig 5: Continue this pattern of stitching with the needle coming out through the top of the previous stitch always.
Fig 6: The reverse of the fabric will give you a back stitch pattern.

The above is copied from: It is a very useful site showing different kinds of stitches.

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