Thursday, January 24, 2013

French Knot

If you want to sew small eyes on a doll face, do little flowers, or as a filling stitch to fill in small circles and centre of flowers, you can use French knot.

Please be patient, the video may take a minute to appear.

Want to sew something for your kids, come and have a look:


french_knot_1 french_knot_2
Fig 1: Bring the needle out through A. Fig 2: Now, place the needle close to the fabric. Wrap the thread around it twice, as shown.
Fig 3: Keep the longer end of the thread pulled with your fingers while putting the needle back in a point just close to A or even through A.
This is probably what you have to master. The trick is: if you are holding the needle with your right hand fingers, wrap the thread and hold it pulled with your left hand fingers. Vice versa. This makes it easy to pull back the needle without the risk of pulling out of the wrapped thread, to put it back into the point A. If this seems difficult for you, try this: after wrapping the thread, turn the needle around about 180 degrees and then try to put it in A or near A.

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Want to sew something for your kids, come and have a look:
Fig 4:Pull down the needle through the fabric. You will see your first french knot formed.


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