Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oversewing Stitch


Oversewing stitchThis stitch is used for joining selvedges together. To keep the two pieces even, it is better, either to tack or pin them together first. Insert the needle, from right to left, under the first thread of the selvedge, and through both edges, and sew from right to left, setting your stitches not more than three threads apart. The thread must not be drawn too tightly, so that when the seam is finished and flattened with the thimble, the selvedges may lie, side by side.


What is it the oversewing stitch?

  • The oversewing stitch is used just on the edges of a piece of fabric.
  • Oversewing the edges of the fabrics which fray a lot. This sewing will disappear in the hemline.
  • Most sewing machines allow to oversew, using the "zigzag stitch".

How to sew an oversewing stitch

  • Hold the fabric with the part to oversew facing away from you.
  • Insert the needle between 3 and 6mm from the edge of the fabric, pass the thread over the edge of the fabric in order to create a stitch almost perpendicular to the last one, and continue next to the last stitch without pulling the thread too hard.
! : Don't sew too close to the border, or you will get the wrong effect (since it will favor the fraying of the fabric).

(from: http://www.bulbinblue.com/DIY-Craft/techniques-1832-oversewing-stitch.deco)

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