Saturday, June 22, 2013

Plastic Bottle Balloon Air Gun

Examinations have passed, yeah!

Though summer holiday has not yet started, my son has much leisure time to play now.

We had kept some plastic bottles for crafts.

We thought and thought about what we should do with them.

Suddenly we remembered an experiment or game mentioned in a science magazine...

That is to make 'air' gun with plastic bottle and balloon.

After completion, when we pull the balloon and hand off, the 'air' will like a bullet which can shoot the target.

This create a lot of fun with my son!

The steps to make it are as follows:

1. Cut the plastic bottle into half.

2. Cut the balloon into half and tie a knot at the end.

3. Stick the balloon onto the edge of the bottles. Stick carefully, or air will leak out and makes the gun can't shoot well.


4. Design some targets for shooting. My son designed some gems. They looks ugly but funny!

5. Hang the targets onto a string with threads.

6. Stick both ends of the string to hang all targets up in the air. I find that corridor is the best place because it is not too wide.

Hope you enjoy this game! ; )


  1. That sounds great fun. I think we will have to have a go later. Thanks for the excellent idea :)

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