Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Creative DIY Valentine's Card (with video instructions) for age 7-12 kids

Still thinking what to make with your kids in Valentine's Day??

This round up must help you!


1. Waterfall Valentine's Card

Wow! When you pull the paper with small heart. The colorful big hearts will flip over. You can write your words to your love at the back of the colorful hearts. So great idea!!

Video instructions:

2. Endless Valentine's Day card

I love this idea. When you open the letter, your love will see your endless words! That is so creative!

But I think using a sharp color paper and black marker is better.

Video instructions:

3. Gift Basket & card for your love

The picture of this craft is not good. But I love the idea very much! It is not just a card, but also a gift basket!


Video instructions:

4. Pocket Stand-Up Album Valentine's Card

Love the pocket ideas.  We can put something inside the pocket to give your love a surprise!

Video instructions:

5. Carta Expandible/Stand-Up Valentine's Card

This idea allows you to write a lot of things on the card. And the card is so lovely!

Video instructions:

6. Thread Valentine's Card

source of photo: http://diy-is-fun.com/holydays/valentines-day/card-for-valentines-day-paper-and-thread/

Video instructions:

7. Pop up Valentine's Card - basket of hearts

Video instructions:

8. Pop up Valentine's Card - a lot of hearts

Thinking your love must say 'wow' when he/she opens it!

Video instructions:
9. Heart Shape Love Slider Card
Video instructions: 
10. Watercolor hearts card
If your love likes watercolor, this is really a simple and great idea!
For more valentine's craft ideas, please go to my Pinterest:

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