Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Glutinous Rice Balls / No Bake Pop Cakes

Pop cakes are so pretty and popular in kids party.

But it is time consuming to bake cakes.

There is a more easy method to make that. Instead of baking cake, you just need to use Glutinous Rice.


1. Mix 200g Glutinous Rice powder with water. Add water gradually until you can mix it with the water into smooth dough.

Note: 200g powder can make about 20 one-inch balls

2. Make the dough into balls.

3. Put the balls into boiled water. When they float on water, you can take them up.

Note: Try not to leave the balls in open air for a long time, or there will be cracks on the balls. If you cannot cook them immediately, cover them with wet tissue.

4. Put the cooked balls into cold water for cooling.

5. Put a few Glutinous Rice balls onto long sticks, or put one ball on a short stick each time.

6. Decorate the Glutinous Rice balls as you like. You can just put some melted chocolate like this.

Or you can use melted chocolate to stick some colorful sprinkles / crumbled peanuts on them.

Details steps please refer to the site below:

Details steps please refer to the site below:

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