Tuesday, November 14, 2017

12 Thanksgiving Crafts / Ways to Show Thanks by Kids

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Nowadays, children have all necessities. They don't know that every thing is not a must.

In Thanksgiving Day, it is a good time for them to think what they have and say thanks to whom.

Below are not just crafts, but also ways to let kids show thanks to others.


1. Paper Leaves Wreath



2. Paper Leaves on Branches / Tree

3. Paper Plate Turkey
4. Paper Pumpkin with handprint
5. Paper Leaves Garland
6. Bottle Cap, Popsicle Stick & Feather Turkey
This one is originally a puppet. But I think we can let kids to write thanks messages on the popsicle stick and give it to whom the kids want to say thanks to. 
7. Paper Bag & Feather Turkey Puppets
8. Handprint Tree
9. Cupcake Paper Turkey Bookmark
This one is originally a calendar. But writing thankful message on it will be more meaningful!
10 Clothespin & Paper Turkey
Instead of using handprint, I will give kids 5 - 6 feather shape color paper to write thanks messages. And then, clip them all by the clothespin. That will be so pretty!
11. Grateful Rocks
I will put all these grateful rocks in a big jar to remind me that I have so many things! And I will decorate the jar in a cute way! How do you think?
12. Paper Plate Pie
 For more thanksgiving crafts, please go to:

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