Monday, May 16, 2016

Wood Burn Heart Box

Don't know starting from when, I like natural wood very much, especially the wood log with skin.

I bought souvenirs made of wood when I travelled to other countries.

I especially like those wood products with words drawn or burnt on it.

Recently, when I bought things from craft shop, I discovered that there was wood-burning tools selling there.

Looking at the price, it was acceptable!

Thus, I bought one set for myself to do some crafts.

I have a new toy! : )

I burned a key ring with encouragement words for my son.

I also burned a cake topper for his birthday cake. He likes playing table tennis.

Meanwhile, I thought that other people might also like this kind of wood burn products.

Thus, I tried to buy some wood products and burned words on them for selling.

Recently, I received my first custom wood burn order from a customer.

That required me to burn some words on a heart wood box.

That was challenging to me, especially he wanted me to burn words inside the cover of the box.

But luckily, it was quite successful! My customer loves the finished work!

Hope that he can give her wife a big surprise!

How do you think?

Custom wood burn:

Plain wood products for crafts:

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