Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pencil Eraser Stamp and Blank Puzzles

Previously, I saw a craft using punched colorful paper to make a heart. That is so pretty!
I tried to make one myself.
But I did not use color paper. Instead, I used eraser stamps.
I chose to stamp on a blank puzzles, so I can write greeting or secret message on it and let the recipient to put the puzzles together and see the greeting / message.
That must by funny and mysterious!

Below are the steps of my work:

1. Use computer to print a heart and cut it out.

2. Use Blu-tack to stick it onto the puzzles. Put very small Blu-tack around the edge of the heart, or you cannot stamp a perfect heart shape.

3. Dip some color on pencil eraser and stamp randomly on the puzzles. I used acrylic color this time.


a. Remember to stamp more around the heart, so as to make a perfect heart shape!

b. Try to use different pencil erasers for different colors. Or, you have to wash away the color completely before changing to another color.

c. Make sure one color is dried completely before doing another color.

You can do the same by using fabric colors on tshirt and canvas bags. That is so pretty!


Blank puzzles are available in my shops:

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