Monday, December 21, 2015

12 Last minute X'mas Cupcake Top / Decoration

I know how to make cupcakes, but have no idea on how to decorate them for Christmas party.

I searched some easy ideas below. I may make one of them this year : )

Below are all easy-to-make cake tops (with recipes for making cupcakes), hope that can be useful to you too!

Merry Christmas!!!


1. Santa Claus Hat

2. Santa Claus Face

3. Ice-cream cone X'mas Tree

4. Cream X'mas tree
5. Snowman
6. Melting snowman

7. Cup of drink with candy stick
8. Snowflake top
9. Ornament decorations
10. Reindeer
This recipe is for cookies, but I like the top decoration. It is so easy to make and so cute!
11. X'mas Wreath
The recipe is not for cup cake. But we can make the decoration like this. It is not difficult but elegant!
12. Gingerbread
For more food art ideas:

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