Tuesday, November 3, 2015

12 Easy Thanksgiving Gifts for Teachers with Good Quotes

Want to give thanks to your teachers on Thanksgiving Day, but don't know what gift is better?
Here are some suggestions. You can buy the gifts easily. You can make the packages and tags with your kids. That is so easy but meaningful! Teachers must like : )
1. Cookie Basket

2. A jar of chocolates or biscuits


3. A plastic cup with stationery or food inside
4. A pot of plant or flower
5. Stationery with flower pattern
6.  A jar of candies with 'Fall' colors
7. Donuts
8. Clay Apples
9. Popcorn
10. Pencil Holder with pencils
11. Paper flowers with sparkling rhinestones
12. Strawberry
For more teachers appreciation gifts ideas, please go to: https://www.pinterest.com/shinekidscrafts/teacher-appreciation-gifts/
For craft supplies to make gifts for teachers, please go to:

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